Glamour Mag- Nails inc.

What a delightful little surprise I got when my fix of Glamour Magazine came through my door today with a little gift :)

Nails inc. Hampstead Heath.
This is definately my colour for the season andI love to wear this kind of shade nail and so was extremely happy to get it as a free gift.
The results from the pictures below are after two coats, without a base or top coat.
It dries ever so evenly and quick.
I would definately urge you to go out and get this edition of Glamour!
I think for this weekend especially, it would work as the perfect deep blood red halloween nail..

Thrifted Thursday.....ish.

Hey there, and Happy Thursday! 
So, although I did find some awesome goodies at thrift shops this week...I totally forgot to snap a few pics to share. One of the things I've been on the hunt for is coffee mugs. The mister and I have a ton of coffee mugs, but they are all super small with awkward handles, (thanks, Ikea) I told Brad I'd solve the problem and find some vintage mugs at thrift shops..thus fulfilling my love of thrifting and our need for better coffee mugs. I found three cute mugs...but none were especially large (oops). I also found a real cute tweed fitted blazer similar to the one we have for sale here. And a sweet leather patchwork satchel, an ethnic mini shoulder bag, AND the most amazing chair I've seen in a long while. I will most definitely need to snap some pics to share of that one...I spent almost an entire day cleaning and sprucing it up to place in my living room.

But enough about my thrifted goodies...I have something else consuming my mind this week. My Anniversary!! My mister, Brad, and I have officially been dating two years as of Halloween night. I know for a lot of people, Halloween is their favorite holiday....but I'm more than happy to change Halloween to My Anniversary. Dressing up and all is a lot of fun, but Halloween marks so much more than that for me nowadays...It's now my/our day to celebrate being in love. 
Last year we spent our anniversary at The Shady Dell in Bisbee, AZ. (See post about it here.) We had such an amazing time, I've decided that it shall be our annual anniversary desination from here on out. I know we'll never get sick of this place, it's a total dream come true. Last year, we stayed in the Tiki Bus, and this year we upgraded to the Yacht! A friend of mine suggested wearing a nautical wardrobe for the I asked Babe if I could dress him up all weekend and he agreed!! (We'll see if I can actually get him into everything I picked out). 
Ahhh, I'm so excited I can barely contain my excitement!! I will be back next week with a recap post of it all. For now, check out some images I snagged from Shady Dell's website of the 1940's yacht I reserved for us. (The fridge comes stocked with a bottle of champayne...How perfect for the occasion!)

I hope to take a million photos of our weekend to share! Saturday can not come soon enough!!
I'm going to get back to daydreaming now (teehee). I hope y'all are having a lovely day.

xo. Traci

New Loves v.7

Ello' ladies and gents (?), It's Tuesday and I'm back with a New Loves post. Lately, I've really been leaning towards new artists that I've stumbled upon (mostly via Etsy)...and today is no different. 
...I just want to mention that I will forever love Etsy and all that it has allowed artists & crafters (ect.) to do. I love them for opening up this amazing creative forum that I will forever find inspiration from. It is so incredible to be able to enjoy the creative works of others on the site. 

One of the (many) artists I've recently fallen in love with on Etsy, is Elsita.  Her work is minimalistic, yet strikingly cute, with subtle dark undertones. The absence of a face creates a grim image in my head, it's the mystery of it all...but somehow, her prints remain pretty in my eyes, and leave me wanting more of the story behind the picture.
I hope you enjoy her art as much as I do, and please check out her Etsy shop, Elsita.

All images were sourced from Elsita's Etsy Shop.

Ciao for now, friends.

xo. Traci

Whimsical Woodlands.

The mister and I realized recently that we have not been able to go camping this year...major bummer. And now, that it's finally beautiful outside, our lives are so crazy busy we barely have time to see each other, let alone get away for a camping adventure. (Well, we have an adventure planned this weekend, but more on that later).  Last year in early November we went to Alpine, AZ at the very end of camping season, and it was perfect-- gorgeous yellows and oranges everywhere, elk left and right, and we had the whole campsite to ourselves! I really hope we can fit in a quick trip before it's too cold. 
I compiled some awesome woodlands-y photos, via Etsy:

Oh man, I need some non-city, immediately.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

xo. Traci

A Great Weekend at the Vintage and Homemade Fair

Saturday was the Vintage and Homemade Fair and my mum and I had a really lovely day. All of the stallholders had lush selections of vintage and handmade goodies and it was great to meet lots of fellow bloggers, old and new, including fair organisers Ann of Vintage at the Cornerhouse and Debbie of Home Thoughts from Vintage Wants, Jo of Hesta and the Pugs, Wend of Ticking Stripes, Sharon of The Crafty Trundler, Lindsay of Elsie Sparrow and Gill  The Vintage Gardener and her husband.
I managed to restrain myself and stick to buying Christmas presents rather than bags of stuff for me. There was a great turn out and even children that had been dragged along seemed to enjoy themselves. I had a little chuckle when I overheard a young boy telling his younger brother off for touching the felt poppies I’d made and was selling in aid of the Poppy Appeal. ‘Don’t touch those! They’re special ones…they’re handmade you know!!’ Glad to see he attributed such value to something handmade, lol. You would have thought they were made of gold they way he emphasised the 'handmade' part. I made £23 for the Poppy Appeal so thank you to everybody who bought them! I wish I’d made more poppies as I ran out quite quickly and mum and I even had to take ours off for a lady to buy.

I look very vain having only taken photos of my own stall, but we used my mum’s camera for most of the pics so I’m hoping there are some good ones on there of all the lovely stalls.

Crochet Toast + Costume= Halloween Cuteness

Stumbled upon these incredible Halloween-y photos on Flickr yesterday...
Holy Halloween Cuteness!!! 
I mega ♥ Yummy Pancake!!

Mr. Toastee Halloween 2008 Plush - Black Cat Costume

Mr. Toastee Halloween 2008 Plush - Black Cat Costume

Mr. Toastee Halloween 2008 Plush - Black Cat Costume

Crochet Toast + Kitty Costume....I couldn't love it more!!
Happy Sunday, I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.

xo. Traci

Swoon Saturday.

Hello Saturday! 
It's another gorgeous day here in Downtown Phoenix, so you know I'm in a good mood!
I'm back with another Swoon Saturday, to share all the things I've been swooning over the past couple weeks..This, of course, is just a short list, of the many, many things I tend to swoon over on a constant basis.

Let's begin. I'm currently swooning over:

 These fantastic elegant cat images by Rosiemusic on Etsy. They are too good!
This print by Rosiemusic is also reminds me of my mister and I...
We spend countless evenings together in the living room with our dog-like kitty. He plays guitar, and I crochet, craft, read, or play word puzzles...we love♥ being at home together.

This adorable use of wallpaper as seen on Apartment Therapy.
I think I would use a colorful floral pattern if I did this and white just wouldn't mesh well with the rest of my place. Nonetheless, a fabulous idea.

This image from Flickr. I kind-of-really want EVERYTHING in it.
ribbon print skirt

This set of Pyrex nesting match my other recent pyrex finds. I'm SO tempted to purchase these myself, but I really want to test my thrift-hunting skills to score more that match.

And of course, the new phone that has consumed the mister and I lately. Ahhh, they are such an upgrade from our previous pieces of shit. Plus, now we have matching phones...cute, right? Teehee.
(Samsung Vibrant from T-Mobile)

I could seriously go on forever about the things I swoon over, but I'm going stop here for now.
I hope you are having a splendid Saturday.

xo. Traci

What I'm Wearing

On Thursday it was my friend Danielles birthday and we was heading out for a mid-week drink or two ;)
So you know when you really want to look nice? But when it comes to getting ready. FAIL!
I did my make up about 3 times and couldn't decide what to wear. I don't know how many of you go through this on a regular basis, but I do..and I get so wound up and throw a few little strops in the process.
I ended up in the Primark Jump Suit. £13.
I twitpic'd a few photos during my panic and the lovely @JRosellenM and @1CheekyBeauty helped me and told me what I needed to do in order to sort my mess out.
I added a brighter lip and brighter cheek and it made me lots brighter and happier.
Thank you beautiful girls..

-Xen Tan Dark Lotion
-Studio Fix Fluid NC40
-Benefit It Stick
-No7 Eyebrow Pencil which I blended through with a brush
-Myth to begin with..However I finished and brightened it up with St Germaine
-A Ruby and Mille Pink blush- I'm afraid I don't know the shade!
-The natural part of Haute & Naughty mascara
-Sleek Corner eyelashes with a few Eyelure Individuals on top

Britains Next Top Model Live 2010

On Friday 22nd, me and Nikki took a trip to Britains Next Top Model Live 2010, at the Excel London. It was an absolutely fabulous day. I love these days fashion, beauty days out! I hadn't heard of this event until about 2 weeks ago..Its pretty much the Clothes Show Live with a different name, very-very-fab!
This is what I looked like..

My Top is from Topshop and costs just £20, I really love it.. I just wore a cheap £1.50 vest from Primark underneath.

My necklace is from Miss Selfridge.
and this is what I got up to..
- I met Pixiwoo!! How fabulous. We watched a make up tutorial for a "goth" look. It was amazing to see them in real life rather than on YouTube. The presenter lady kind of took over a bit, I would have preferred to listen to the girls but hey!
-We got given lots of freebies :) Including a little Urban Outfitters bag of bits.
- I met all of the Britains Next Top Model girls and got a chance to talk to them and take photos :) This was probably my best part of the day
- We saw the Kiss 100 Team and Diana Vickers performed..Alesha Dixon was also there with her Jewellery Range, she did a question and answers show and to be honest..She couldn't have been any more uninterested which was a little bit disapointing as everybody else couldn't have been any nicer if they tried..
-The Fake Bake team were there, tanned boys offering free spray tans- oh hello!
- I got to shop at some of my fave stalls ever including Never Fully Dressed and Junk Jewels.
From Never Fully Dressed I picked up the Taupe Alexandra that I had wanted for a while :)
- Lots of free photobooth photos
-I'm not into fakes or copies and it's the first I have ever got one, but I picked up a leather Pandora Style bracelet in cream.. It was only £5.
-We jiggled around on power plates- eeeek!
-Bobbi Brown and Adee Phelan were there.
- The fashion show which included all of the models and a little trolley dolly bit which made me smile lots.
- There was alot of cupcakes!
The shows on until Sunday and you can buy tickets on the door, so if this is your kind of thing or you just want a casual shopping, cupcake eating, fashion full day out- I would definately recommend that you hop along.


New on Etsy!

Hey there! This is just a quickie post to show y'all a few of the new items we've added (and will be adding) to the Etsy shop! Some items are just recently listed, and the others will be up in the shop by tomorrow at the latest.

Keep in mind, these are just a few of the great vintage items you can find in our Etsy shop Butter Toast Boutique!! If you are a Phoenix local, you can find these items in the brick-and-mortar boutique also!

Ta ta til later.
xo. Traci