MAC Vegas Volt

This little baby is the second lipstick that I purchased in Duty free, along with Morange which I blogged about here. 
 I was being indecisive about whether to get this or Morange and I'm glad that I opted with both. As you do.

Vegas Volt is an in-between Orange Coral shade, making it a lot easier to wear than Watch Me Simmer or Morange. When I was at the counter, I asked the make up artist what she preferred out of the two and she replied Vegas Volt, because of the peachy tones it carries, it's not as in your face.
 It definitely isn't as daring as others I have recently purchased and is the perfect colour if you're on the hunt for a Coral or an Orange that isn't so bright, but still very pigmented and a beautiful shade.

Once I got this home and started swatching, I became aware that it is very similar to Costa Chic, without the frost finish, which personally I hate. I've never been able to part with Costa Chic because I do love the shade, but the finish always unfortunately let me down and because of that I have hardly worn it. With that in mind, it's another reason why I'm glad that Vegas Volt is now in my collection.

It is another Amplified finish, which means it is super creamy and pigmented on the lips and sticks around for a very long while before becoming drying or needing topping up which is fabulous. Amplified is easily one of my favourite finishes, which probably comes as no surprise to you as the last four lipsticks I have purchased and blogged about are, have been Amplified. 

I haven't yet worn this at work, but I can already tell that it's going to be a work favourite of mine.
It really is that perfect in-between that will work for both day and night- especially in the Summer!

What do you think of Vegas Volt? 


What I'm Wearing- Topshop Pink Shorts and Blazer

Pink Blazer- Topshop
Pink Shorts- Topshop
Cream Blouse- Charity Shop
Black Court Shoes- Dorothy Perkins
Grey Messenger Bag- Zara
Silver Casio- Urban Outfitters

I love this outfit, I actually got it in the Topshop sale yesterday and just couldn't wait to put it on. I have had my eye on the shorts for a while now, but they were something I kept putting off until next time. I was so pleased when I saw them half price at just £18, down from the original price of £35. I picked them out and decided that without even trying them on I had to have them, and then I came across the matching Blazer being trawled around the floor. For just £30 down from £60, this also had to be mine.
I was planning on saving it for a birthday lunch outfit, but I can't wait until then and have decided to wear it this evening instead. 

It works really well with both with and without the Blazer. I feel very Mollie King in it, which I love. 

As you know, I love this Grey Zara Messenger bag and a little heads up- its now in the Zara sale for just £15. Bargain! I nearly purchased a back up, but I decided thats just silly.

Black shoes aren't really something that I would have thought I would wear with this, but with it all being very Pastel (even my toes) I felt I should break it up a little bit. I don't think they look out of place, if anything I like the classic feel of it. 

What do you think of this outfit? Is it too Pink or fabulous?


What I'm Wearing..

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30
Benefit Hoola
MAC Melba
Benefit They're Real
Buck Urban Decay Naked Palette
HD Brow Palette Rich Brown
MAC Morange

I posted about one of my newest additions to my lipstick drawer, Morange, and here it is along with the rest of my make up. I really do love it. I never thought that I would wear an Orange lipstick, but I really am such a fan now. I have come a long way from the I only wear Nudes and Pinks girl that I was a couple of years ago.

Quite surprisingly, today was the first day in a about a week that I haven't worn liquid eyeliner and my eyes feel a little naked. It's definitely a phase I'm going through, and although it closes my eyes up a little (more than they already are!), it seems makes them look a lot more Blue which I love. It also makes me look at little more awake whilst I'm at work, which is usually far from the truth. 

What do you think of both liquid eyeliner and Orange lips? Do you go through lots of make up phases like me?


MAC Morange

A few days a go I decided to pick up a few bits in MAC including MAC Morange whilst having a little wander through Duty Free. With the benefit of having a few pounds off, quite frankly it would be rude not to!
I was actually a little naughty, in that I couldn't decide between this and Vegas Volt and after a couple of tweets telling me they were both fabulous, I decided to treat myself to both. 

I'm really loving wearing brighter lips at the moment. I'm not sure where it came from, but I really am enjoying it. I think that because I wear them at work, I've got used to seeing them on my face.

MAC describe this as a "Loudmouth Orange" and I agree 100%. It's so out there, and on the MAC lipstick colour chart this most definitely stands out the most. 

This is definitely more of a risky lipstick, and I was a little bit weary of wearing it at first, but in the end decided that I had wanted it for so long and to just go for it. I put it on and went to London and whilst parading around Topshop, I was complimented twice on it. Yay! If that doesn't give me the confidence to wear it again I don't know what will.

It's a super pigmented medium to dark Orange and with being an Amplified finish, is very opaque and creamy on the lips. I applied this at around 1pm and now at 5:30pm is is still very much on my lips- though it is bleeding slightly as you can see in the photo above. This is the only problem with it, I think I'll need a lipliner to wear along side it, especially if I'm going to wear it for long periods of time. If you have any recommendations I would be very, very grateful!

Another Orange lipstick that I am absolutely desperate to try is Topshop Infared. I've heard so many good things about it, and I'm annoyed that I didn't pick one up today.

What do you think about Morange? Is it too Orange for you or would it brighten up your day like it does for me?


Perricone No Sun Tanner

I was very kindly given this by the lovely Ronke, who knows my love for achieving a super tan and I am ever so grateful.

Dr Perricone has created a genius multitasking product here, primarily aimed at giving you a fantastic even, natural tan whilst at the same time moisturising your skin providing you with some of the goodness the sun would give you in the form of pro-vitamin D without any harmful effects. This little delight also works at toning, tightening and firming the appearance of your skin, which is the perfect addition to a tanning product. 

It's essentially a gradual tanner, which to be honest, I haven't used for a few years as I was put off by way that some in the past have either streaked on me or left me rather Orange. This product is an absolute breath of fresh air and doesn't do either. I have been using this for the past two weeks and it has left me the most amazing colour. For the first week or so, I was just a very healthy colour but throughout the second week of application, I seem to have darkened up and tanned to the most beautiful shade, of which I am really pleased with.

Some of the ingredients are;
"Phospholipids and enhancer to promote an even and long lasting tan, n-Acetyl-Tyrosin which boosts the skins natural tanning ability, Dr Perricones very own patented DMAE to firm, tighten and tone, Olive Squlane, Cocoa Butter and Kukui Oil to create a rich, creamy texture and deliver deep moisturising protection with Tocotrienols."

The No Sun Tanner* lotion itself smells so incredibly good, very similar in fact to the scent of my Austrailian Gold tanning products which I love. It doesn't feel too greasy on the skin and dries pretty quickly which is great for a before bedtime application, which is when I always apply. 
Other than one other lotion I have been using on my areas of cellulite, this is the only lotion I have been using of an evening. Yes, I haven't applied any other fake tan for almost three weeks! 

I mentioned in my most recent What I'm Wearing post that this was the product that I achieved my tan with and although I am aware I am wearing White on a White background, which is always going to make me look darker on camera, but I promise you I really am tres tanned.

I really am a huge fan of the Glass bottle packaging of this product, I love it, but the downside of it is that there is only 118ml of product and with being glass, you're unable to squeeze the rest of it out which I normally do- either that or end up cutting it in half in desperation!
I'm left with just at around half of the bottle of product left, after 14 days, and at the cost of £54 it is a little steep.

I think if you are going on holiday and want build up a natural looking glow and you want to boost your skins natural tanning ability, then this is definitely worth a try if you fancy treating yourself.
It really has been a little wonder and if I decide to book a holiday this Summer, then this will definitely be on my pre-holiday shopping list.

This is available to buy online on the Perricone MD website and John Lewis

What do you think of this No Sun Tanner? Is it something that you will be purchasing before your Summer holidays?


Pretty Dresses and Fun Summer Bags

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday! We're excited to show you some of our new arrivals this week! 

This striped black and white dress with a "pop of pink" belt...
A pretty patterned dress with gold button details...
A fun and flirty polka dot dress...

We also have some great new summer bags!

We hope to see you in Meadow soon! 


Schwarzoph OSiS Festival Hair

I love summer, I love hair and I love festivals so when I read about a little OSiS hair competition on Twitter, I thought it would be a little fun to enter. 

Festivals are such great places and no matter how un-glam standing on a field normally in wellies may sound, its far from it. Everyone wants to look good, but it can be tricky especially in the UK when you want to look good come rain or shine- but don't necessarily know whether or not the weather will work in your favour. 
Above I have put together four quick festival hair styles that I would opt for.

Look One- Centre parting with loose curls through the ends.
This is a super cute look and teamed with a sweet girly festival outfit this would look lovely. I used OSiS Miracle Volume Mousse and the Dust It Volume Powder that I blogged about here to style it, but I think that the OSiS Glamour Queen spray or OSiS Mess It would work also work treat. To get the original curls, I used my GHDs, but then pulled the Dust through them to loosen them out and mess them up a bit. I think the dust it opwder is the perfect product to take with you if you want to achieve volume and rough edgy look, it's also tiny so is easy to carry around with you for re-boofing.

Look Two- Centre parting, loose girls and a braid.
This is the hair style that my hair would probably end up with towards the evening if I had started off with look one. Two simple little side braids, kirby gripped back to keep my hair off my face. I would probably dust some of the new OSiS Refresh Dust through it too, to revamp it if not for that evening, for the next day!

Look Three- Centre parting side braids, swept up into a messy top knot.
If you can't bare to have your hair down all day, or if the unwanted rain starts to fall (or if you get beer in it-don't ask!) then you will probably do what I tend to do every year and end up wanting to put it up. Rather than than just planting it on top of your head, try keeping the braids in and gather the hair into a pony tail. From here you can then decide whether you want to keep it like that, or do what I have done and twist it into a top knot. 
It's all pretty loose and still, I think, looks really sweet. If you have fly away hair like me or hair thats likely not to stay like that, then OSiS Freeze spray may be worth trying.

Look Four- Tight Bun.
For day two of festival fun, your hair may not be in the best styling condition. You could use the OSiS Refresh Dust to revive it, or you could do what I would do and put it up but try to still keep it glam. The chances are, the products you used one day one would work in your favour for this and keep it up and in place all day. Personally, I love day two hair. Super clean hair never really works too well for me. 
To achieve this bun, I turned upside down and scraped my hair into a tight ponytail, swept my hair through a doughnut, wrapped it into a bun and kirby gripped it into place. If you have fly aways, like I do and want to keep this a neat bun, then a little OSiS Session Hairspray might work well to keep the bun in shape without any dreaded flyways as well stopping them bits that fall out! 

Are you going to any festivals this year? What are you planning on wearing and would you do your hair like any of these?


*The only products I have tried are the OSiS Dust It and the OSiS Miracle Volume Mousse, which I absolutely love. I have used the other products as examples for the competition. 

What I'm Wearing- Glamorous Dress, Zara Clutch, Silver & Turquoise Jewellery

About a month ago, I entered a little Glamorous Twitter competition and won! I can't believe it, I never win anything and I am so pleased. This dress is a beautiful addition to my wardrobe and is so fitting in my dress style and I can't wait to wear it throughout the summer. 
Dressed both up and down, I find it so incredibly pretty. I especially love the material and the back detail. I have a lot of Cream lace in my wardrobe, but I haven't got anything with a back like this so it is just perfect.

I decided to team it up with some Silver and Turquoise jewellery; my above the knuckle ring from Love, Hearts and Crosses, my cuff from Miss Selfridge and my Turquoise Ring and Bangle that I got in Thailand.
With the dress being very plain and light, I decided to bring in a little colour with my Day Clutch from Zara.

Bearing in mind, I am standing in front of a White background in a Cream dress, I am extremely impressed with my current tan. It's a mix between real and fake, the fake coming from a seriously amazing product- Perricones No Sun Tanner. I love it so much and will be sure to review it soon.

This Glamorous dress costs just £28.99 and is available here. With a couple of studded bits that I have had my eye on for a while, their website is most definitely worth a look.

What do you think of this look? Do you love the back as much as I do?


Japonesque Eyelash Curlers

As much as I'm not so much all about the full on lashes any more, I most definitely still like them to look neat and have a nice shape to them. Without any product or curling before hand, my lashes are pretty much small lifeless stubs and so regardless to whether I am going to go all out or not, I feel the need to curl them is always necessary.

I saw the Pocket Pink Go Curl Eyelash Curler* advertised and remember thinking it was super cute. It's very dainty and is the perfect tool to carry around in my make up bag as it is so compact, pretty and does a really good job at curling my lashes. 
Though it does do an extremely good job, with it being so small it isn't the easiest eyelash curler I have ever used. It's convenient in size, but not so much so in practicality. When I curl my lashes, though I shouldn't be, I am often quite rough but with these, you can't really move them around much or see how close to the root you actually are. 
It don't think it is a product that will last forever in my collection, as it is very plastic and therefore also quite delicate. If I do go in with too much pressure I do worry slightly that I may break/crack it. 

This curler does come with a refill, which is kept at the bottom and is very handy. I always manage to lose my refills which can be such a pain! As well as this being really convenient, Japonesque also offer their customers free refills for the life of the product, which I think is great customer service and a definite pro when deciding whether or not to make a purchase. 

To be honest, the curl in my lash does pretty much always stick around, regardless of what product I use and this product is no exception. A lovely little curl is kept throughout the day and I don't really ever feel the need to re-curl, although with it being so small it's no struggle to keep in your bag just in case.

The Heated Pink Mini Curler* is absolutely beautiful. I can't tell you how much I love this. I'm not new to Heated Eyelash Curlers, in fact I remember getting a set when I was about 13 and thinking I was the absolute bees knees! 
I've owned a couple of No7 ones in the past, which I have always been pleased with although I lost half of my last pair and never got round to repurchasing them.
This is a very welcomed addition to my make up bag and I absolutely love using it.

It's a nice size for use and so easily gives you a comfortable curl. With a simple battery operated on/off slider, the curler heats up but in no means to burning temperature which I know is what some people worry it will be like. I find them so safe to use confidently, I hold the comb so close to my eye and don't feel any heat at all. The heat from the coil really is minimal but enough to do an extremely good job on my upper lashes! 

These are meant to be perfect for "hard to curl" lashes, which I imagine would be true. Like I mentioned before, my lashes aren't great naturally but I don't find it hard to get a curl on them either, maybe this is why this tool works extra well for me.
Unlike standard eyelash curlers, I feel absolutely comfortable with using this throughout the day without the worry of my lashes sticking on the squeeze! It literally is just like an eyelash comb, so no squeezing or pinching involved! 

I really do love these and the fact that they're a Pink rubber finish is a huge bonus to me.

The Pocket Pink Go Curl curlers cost around the £10 mark and the Heated Pink Mini Curler around £12.50.

The full Japonesque range can be found online here and can be purchased in John Lewis, Boots and I have more recently spotted them with free UK delivery on Hair HQ.

Do these Pink beauts make your lashes flutter?


New on Etsy!

Long time, no post....haha it seems like every time I finally find time to blog I have to start off like that...I'm not going to make anymore emtpy promises of blogging more often...because, clearly I can't keep my promises. But anyhow, here's a peek at some new vintage wears I've recently added to our online shop!

I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying their summer!!
xox. Traci