Cross Tee & Ring

I managed to get these two beauts in Manchesters Urban Outfitters.
Truly Madly Deeply Animal Tee- £28
Gold Sideways Cross Double Ring- £12
I've wanted them for a while so am glad I finally picked them up.
The tee fits me just nicely, the sleeves come to a couple of inches above my elbow, but I turn them up because I personally don't like them at that length.
For those of you that are thinking of picking one of these up without trying one on, I got mine in Large. I couldn't go any smaller and I'm a 10/12. Its not as long as I normally like in tees, but!
There both available online at

Je t'aim Paris

Meadow loves all things vintage and pretty, so naturally we adore Paris themed goodies.  We have a variety of notebooks, trinkets, picture frames and art that show our love for Paris.

One of a kind cards:

Gift Tags:

Framed Prints:

Wall Art:

Our New Arrivals this week are fabulous and sweet!

Sophisticated Lace Dress and Brown Leggings:

Green Top with Colorful Details:

Girlie Pink Dress and White Cardigan

We'd love to have you come by! And be sure to come back around Valentine's Day for a great giveaway!

Have a wonderful week :)


Birthday Charity Shop Purchases

A belated thank you for all the lovely birthday messages and hello to my latest followers! I’m looking forward to settling down this evening with a hot chocolate and reading and commenting on everybody’s blogs. I’ve been super busy this week getting together things for yesterday’s Bicycle Basket Bazaar, finishing off bits for the Spread the Bloggy Love Swap and of course, charity shopping.
The Bicycle Bazaar was lovely as usual, despite a few familiar faces missing and it not being very busy. I met the lovely Linda of TabbyRoo and her beautiful daughters Tabby and Ruby. Both Linda and I were having a January clear out doing everything for £1 and although we bought a few bits from each others stalls we managed to resist buying everything off each other and going home with more than we arrived with.

My mum bought me a gorgeous Royal tin from Linda’s stall and I bought a vintage annual and 40s/50s dress. The dress is beautiful but needs a few repairs so I’ll be off to my local seamstress to see what she can do with it later in the week. My mum also bought me these cute little people from Kayleigh. I bought the tiny geisha last time and love the detail that has gone into these dainty pieces. They were only £1 each so I’m going to buy a different character each time I go to the Bazaar.

I was so excited to find the vintage hair salon Aurora Loves now open in The Fishmarket. I’ll now be cancelling my appointment at my usual hairdressers and booking in for a cut, colour and up do at Aurora Loves. The salon’s lovely, with vintage mirrors, beauty adverts and bits and pieces. I’m hoping for a victory roll to see if it suits me but I’m also tempted with the Liz Taylor hairstyle below.

I think I’m getting a bit ahead of myself in both stakes to be honest as I’m still growing my hair so it may not be long enough for either style. Also, I think I have this vision of being Liz Taylor once I have her hair and clearly that’s not going to happen. Hmm.

Thursday’s charity shop jaunt was interesting as I went to an area I’d never been to before. I really should focus on going to ‘deprived’ areas rather than affluent ones as although some of the pieces I saw were beautiful and fab quality, they were soooo overpriced. Some of the newer items they were selling could be bought for cheaper brand new from their original shop. Ridiculous. Well that didn’t’ stop me splashing out. I can’t resist vintage china, even when it is overpriced, and I came away with all this.

I stopped of at my local tip shop on the way home and picked up some very cheap and cheerful bits and pieces and also popped into a new charity shop. Everything in there was priced like an antique dealership but I struck lucky with these pieces as they didn’t have a price on them so the man serving me plucked the prices out of thin air. £3 for the 50s Dartmouth vase/planter and £3 for the gorgeous milk jug and tea pot. A few minutes on eBay later on told me that the jug and teapot are from 1909 and are relatively valuable. Not that I bought them for their value, I bought them because they’re beautiful and they’ll be staying with me.

Weekend Instax.

Good evening! This past Saturday our close friends hosted a little gathering at Jasmine's place to celebrate the many birthdays our friends have in January. The theme was hobo's and unicorns, and we all had such a great time!! I forgot my digital camera, but alas, I didn't forget my new, beloved instax! Here's a few shots from the fiesta.

a unicorn-hobo smooch before we left.

Ash and I with the awesome pinata she got. She didn't want to make her ugly, so I had to do the unicorn beating. :-P

My dear lady friend Heidi. We have universal connections, and matching ombre hair.

My business partner in crime, and fashion, Jaz and I.

Two of a kind. My love for life.

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Ta ta! xo. Traci

A Little Birdie Told Me...

This week we're showcasing some adorable home items and gifts that are graced with the cutest birds.  Birds are everywhere this year! And we happen to love them and love the color turquoise! Take a look:

A sweet little nest with robins egg blue soaps shaped like eggs

Cute Plates:


Fun feathered hair pin:

Each week we're going to show our readers some of our favorite new arrivals in the shop.  Here are this weeks picks, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Thanks for reading!  We hope to inspire you and give you ideas for fashion and home accessories. To see more of our store, read the first post, right below this one.

Hope you're all having a fabulous week! Be sure to come back in February, because we have some pretty exciting things up our sleeves :)


Monthly Make

I managed to resist going to the carboot sale today as I can quite easily spend £30 to £50 before I know it. Instead I’m going to try and do some eBay listings of two pairs of lush Topshop platforms that I have to part with. I absolutely love them but it’s a bit silly to keep hold of shoes that are too big isn’t it? Plus if I sell them then maybe I could use the funds to scour eBay for the same pairs but in the size smaller? I’ve always been between shoe sizes but now that I’m losing weight it’s getting even worse and I think I might even be a size 5 ½ now instead of a ‘I’m a bit smaller than a 6’.

Picture by Beryl Cook. I love her work
On the weight loss front I’ve now officially lost 1 ½ stone so I’m really pleased. It’s a bit odd suddenly fitting into clothes I haven’t been in for ages as my weight loss seems to have happened really fast and I kind of feel like I’ve lost more in inches than I have in pounds. I’m going to ask my aunt to measure me during the week so I’ll be boring you all to death with how many inches I’ve lost sometime this week.

At the beginning of January I signed up to The Felt Fairy’s Monthly Make and since I’m not particularly good at crafting I thought I’d stick to something nice and simple. I made a few sewing cases from different coloured felt and then embroidered them or embellished them with stars etc in contrasting colours. I love felt as I don’t have to hem it and it makes for nice and easy craft projects. Like I said, I’m not a great crafter and therefore I like to do not only simple things, but short things, otherwise my crafting gets abandoned halfway through. I’m not sure what I’ll do with these, maybe save them for Christmas and Birthday presents for the family.

P.S. Lily says ‘Hi’ from her bed….the millionth ‘bed’ she’s made today. God knows where she thinks she’s having these ‘puppies’ of hers because so far she’s got the sofa, my bed, a bed on the craft room floor, a pile of washing waiting to go into the machine and, last but not least, her own bed, to choose from!

"Air hostess, I like the way you dress.."

Today the postman placed a fantastic piece of news through my letterbox..
I have been invited back to flying for the Summer!

I'm overwhelmed with excitement, butterflies and goodness.
This time in two months, I will hopefully have finished my training course and be reunited with my beautiful dolls, flying the summer skies of the world.

Tonight I was meant to have been going out and was looking forward to some celebratory beverages, but instead rather than putting my make up to waste, I started practising my work hair.

I have been growing it since last summer in hope that this year it would become easier to style for work. I don't like having a plain pony tail, so I usually go for a similar style to this.
-Backcomb hair a little (or quite a lot in my case)
-If the front is already quite thick just pull back from face and pull ends towards the crown and secure with a hair grip.
-Turn head upside down, add a little hairspray and create the shape. Hold into place and clip.
-Scrape all remaining hair into a ponytail.

I have to then secure every single hair with a huge amount of hairspray which by the end of a long flight can look vile (oh the glamour of an air hostess). I use L'oreal Elnett as it is quite fine and brushes out easily.
I also have to cover my hairband with a piece of hair, and as my hairs quite thin I use a babyliss hair piece that has a magnet clip and just wrap it around the band. I got this in Boots for £4.99.

Extra goodness is that I now have a reason to buy some new lipsticks and nail varnishes as they have to compliment each other and be immaculate. Exciting!

Swoon Saturday.

Well happy, happy Saturday!! It's freaking beautiful in Phoenix today, and I'm in an extra great mood! Check out my swoon list. I've been ultra oogaling lately. 

sources: unknown. grabbed from lovey bohemia



Sur la rou(lot)te des vacances

Lovely vintage table cloth

New - Yarn crochet mannequin
click images for sources.

Holy cute. I've just been day dreaming about living in one of those itty bitty houses/caravans all day. Every moment would extra special in a place like that. Ahhh, maybe someday..

On another note, I will dressing up like a unicorn tonight for a party. And my mister will be a hobo. Should be fun, I'll try to get lots of pics!

Have a happy weekend!
xo. Traci

Goodies Galore & Lily Update

Last week I received these lovely goodies in the post from the gorgeous Vix of Vintage Vixen. She knows me so well! A pair of handsome Scotties (these had belonged to her Mum and I feel very privileged that she’s passed them onto me), kitsch and cute weeble style toy, pretty vintage tin and a Queen’s Coronation badge (she knows how much I love the Royals and any Royal vintage memorabilia).

The Scottie boys (I don’t know why I’ve decided they’re boys) are sat in my living room and the tin, badge and weeble girl are sat on my craft room bookcase display along with all some of my other treasured bits and pieces. Thanks so much Vix! She also sent me this card, haha.

Thanks for all your lovely comments wishing Lily a speedy recovery. We’ve been to the vets today and her wound is healing really well, BUT she’s having a phantom pregnancy. Now there had been some subtle changes in Lily’s behaviour over the past month but the vet and I both agree that since she is such a ‘character’ (ie. Odd bod) that it was difficult for either of us to tell whether there was something wrong with her or whether she was just being, well, odd. There were no physical signs of anything but the vet warned me that some of the behaviour I’d described could point to a phantom pregnancy, but that the behaviour in most dogs was very pronounced and that in Lily’s case there were very subtle signs that could just be down to her getting more comfortable in her still relatively new environment.

I'm going to start calling her Ermintrude now she produces milk and eats grass
Fast forward to today and she’s not only ‘nest’ building like there’s no tomorrow (I haven’t slept properly all night because my bed and me are part of that nest) but she’s also producing milk. Apparently spaying doesn’t stop the ‘pregnancy’ if it’ started before the spay as all the hormones and brain signals have already been sent. She’s now costing me a small fortune in tablets and a follow up visits and since I haven’t been paid yet I embarrassingly had to hot foot it to my mum’s to borrow the money.

Image from
She’s now happily nest building but I feel so sorry for her preparing for pups when she won’t be having any. No wonder her favourite toys at the moment are her tiny Westie and Labrador teddies, although she hasn’t been gentle with them like most ‘expectant mothers’. Instead she’s been shaking them about like terriers do when they kill rats. Hmm, it’s probably for the best that she won’t be having any pups if that’s how she’d be treating them.

Have a good rest of the weekend xxx