Thrifted Thursday.

Hey there. So, you know how I wasn't sure on Tuesday if I could fit some thrifting time in??? 
Well, I did. 
And I didn't come out empty handed. Being that it wasn't a 'sale' day, I found myself being rather frugal...but some things just cannot be left behind.

1. Set of 2 vintage velvet pillows, with a magical olive green floral print.
2. Lots of precious vintage fabric, with yellow/green and blue floral prints.
3. Skinny belts- 2 shades of pink.
4. Vintage bedsheet with a perfect green and brown floral print (it's going to be so cute in our room!)
5. UH-mazing vintage red plaid thermos.

I have plenty of projects in mind for those fabrics! I can't wait to get started! Oh how I wish there were more hours in the day sometimes...if and when I get started on those projects, I'll be sure to post about them :) 
(Please excuse the crappy photo...the lighting in our place wasn't being nice to me and my already poor photography skills.)

What have you thrifted lately?
I'd love to know.
xo. Traci

DIY: Ombre

I've loved the whole 'Ombre' thing for ages now and have looked at photos of it with major hair envy..I've also wanted my hair a little lighter for ages now, so yesturday, I finally took the plunge and did it!

I didn't want to have a major colour contrast and the whole concept of bleach kinda scares me, so I was a little weary..
There isn't many highlight/bleaching kits in Boots and Superdrug, some of them look pretty darn scary! The only normal looking one was this..Loreal Paris Perfect Blonde Creme. It cost £5.99 which I think is pretty fab.

My hairs in desperate need of a cut so I thought "what the heckkk, if it fails, I get the ends chopped"..
In the box you get a little cap for normal highlights. You do not need this.
All you need is the sachets and colour developer, mix it together and voila- the fun begins!
I used my hands to put it on no way did I put it on "perfectly" as I didnt want a straight line, I put it very rough so that it blended well. The colour started to take really fast, I only left it on for about 15 minutes before washing it off. I then applied the conditioner :)
It was already lightened, but I decided to lighten the very ends a little bit more so blow dried and repeated the process. There so much product left that my best friend Nikki also did hers.
My hairs a little bit all over the place when it comes to colour anyway, but I feel like its really lightened around my face. My camera doesnt pick it up very well, in "real life" its alot more natural. I love it!

DIY: how to fix a pretty baby..

I was horrified when my Make Up Store lipstick Pretty Baby started to die on me.
Its happened before with a few lipsticks, one that comes to mind that it happens quite alot with is creme d'nude, but with Pretty Baby I was very devastated. I love it alot.
Last night I went to the store in Westfields and was so happy to get another. I asked the lady in the store why this happened to my last one and she said its a problem they have with a few of there lines and it has been put to the manufacturers. The casing is too big for the actual lipstick so she said its important that when you use it, you literally only twist it up the tiniest amount- a little bit of a pain but I can deal with it as it is my fave.

I have no idea why I hadn't done this already, but she suggested that I put the remaining product I had into another pot and use it in lipbalm form..
The lady in the store couldn't have been any more helpful, she gave me a little pot and instructions of what to do!

Step One
Remove the lipstick from the container and put it into a small pot.
Step Two
Put the pot into the microwave for about 20 seconds at a time, checking to make sure that it isn't that hot that its bubbling.
Step Three
Make sure its all melted evenly into the pot.
Step Four
Pop into the fridge for a few minutes.
Easy peasy.
You can also do this for any broken concealers. How exciting!


New Loves v.3

Well happy Tuesday everyone! I almost blew off doing this blog today because I really want to get some thrifting in before my babe gets home from work....but, that wouldn't be very helpful for my blogging goals, now would it? So let's say hooray for sticking to goals!! I'm sure I can make some extra time for thrifting later this evening :)
I don't know about you, but I love love love Of course, because it's mostly vintage inspired...and they offer multiple sizes (a rarity in vintage shopping). Here's what I'm currently loving on the site right now...

Perfect for this autumn tranisition period...easy to wear and feminine.

Just the right amount of girlie details. So sweet.

Every year I go through a sailor phase. Sailor looks will never die, in my eyes.

Wearing tights and socks again, is my FAVORITE part of cold weather. Can't wait!

This is just weird enough for me.

I love me some reusable bags...and this one is cute to the max!

And what kind of Butter Toast owner would I be if I didn't include something having to do with toast....!!!
Not too certain I could pull this off myself, but I love it for its toast value.

All images were sourced from!

Hope you have a fantastic rest of your day!
xo. Traci

Swoon Saturday.

The definition of swoon:
verb (used without object)

to enter a state of hysterical rapture or ecstasy

A few things I'm currently swooning over on this lovely Saturday...

Plaid picnic tins
This Uh-mazing collection of tin picnic baskets..oh my!

 This precious plaid sailor blouse from Vintageous...It'd be so perfect to go on a picnic with one of the above tin baskets. **swoon**

These autumn fabric filled embroidery hoops by merriweathercouncil, are so perfect for the season, I want to fill a whole wall of my house with them!

Cute alert: I want to make a mini orchard out of this precious paper craft by Fantastic Toys.

What are you swooning over lately?

Ciao for now.
xo. Traci

Food Friday.

So, I'm sitting at the shop right now...and I'm getting hungry. I only came prepared with animal crackers...not the most satisfying of munchies. My current hunger is most likely what motivated me to make this food related post on this fine Friday.

Crocheted's still on my creative list of to-do's.
I know its yarn, but doesn't it look delicious!

August Custom 01

Crochet Ramen Seafood Noodles

My Brain On Crochet

Colorful play food

Crochet Western Breakfast

Crocheted Mexican Food
Mmmm mmm, mexican-- My fave!


veggie group 1

Click the images for sources.

I hope you all have a lovely rest of your Friday!
xo. Traci

New on Etsy!

Hey guys and gals. I just wanted to share some of my favorite items that I've recently listed on our Etsy shop. Some are about a week old, but they are too cute not to share. Don't mind the summer styling, it's still hitting the 100's here in Phoenix. [le sigh]. Autumn items will be on their way next month!

 Find these and more great vintage items @ Butter Toast on Etsy!
Don't miss out because once they're gone, they are gone!

Ta ta 'til later. 
xo. Traci

Too Cute: Vintage Greeting Cards.

I may have a new obsession on my hands... How freaking adorable are these vintage greeting cards?!?! Everything is SO much better when it's vintage...

(Teehee, of course most of the cards I love would have a kitty theme.)

Sourced from these Etsy shops:

What's your newest obsession?
We'd love to know!

xo. Traci

Fashion Fest.

Howdy. I just wanted to drop a quick note to remind everyone of the Grand Ave. Festival happening this weekend. My business partner, Jasmine, worked really hard on the Fashion Shows part of the festival, and from what I hear it should be a great success.'s FREE! Here's a poster giving a few more details. For even more info about the fashion shows and other festival events please visit

And if you make it to the shows, be sure to congratulate everyone for their efforts all summer to put this thing together.

Hope your day is starting off right!
xo. Traci

New Loves v.2

Well hello Wednesday. It was my original goal to get my 'New Loves' post up every Tuesday, but I came down with a horrible bug on Sunday or Monday, that had me bed ridden for almost 2 full days. I've had to have slept over 34 hours since Monday afternoon--insane. The good news is, I'm finally starting to feel better...but the down side is, I have more to catch up on than I'd like to think about. I came across this button maker, thedogcoatlady, on Etsy, and I feel in love with some the kitty buttons. They are just too funny. And if you know me well, you know I'd totally sport these on my totes and bags.

All images were sourced from the Etsy shop thedogcoatlady.

On another note, Ashley over at Merry May Handmade has changed her craft nights to every other Wednesday, instead of the 2nd Thursday of the month. Which means tonight is the first night for the new schedule! So join her along with other Phoenix craftsters at Butter Toast from 5-8pm.

Have a lovely day.
xo. Traci

Crafting and Cutting

This week I have been doing some crafting, something which I haven’t done for ages because I’m a perfectionist and very impatient. If a project doesn’t come out perfect and isn’t quick to complete then I lose interest and/or patience. So I’ve been focusing on something quick and relatively fool proof; making Christmas money envelopes from vintage annuals. I took a few into work to show my colleagues what I had been doing at the weekend and I now have 12 orders from family and friends. I was originally making the envelopes to sell at the Vintage and Handmade Fair in October, so I best get cracking if I’m going to make enough for my orders and have a decent amount to take to the vintage fair. Luckily I have stacks of vintage annuals to choose from, although female themed envelopes are much harder to make than the ‘male’ themed ones. I’m finding that boy’s annuals are full of colourful battle illustrations and cowboys comic strips, whereas the vast majority of the girl’s annuals contain a select number of beautiful images, accompanied by lots and lots of written articles. It seems girls were educationally ahead of the boys even in the 50s?

I’ve also been flicking through some of my vintage women’s magazines to find cosmetic and hair inspired adverts to frame above my dressing table. I'll follow up with a picture of them in prime position once I’ve hung them. The only problem with cutting the adverts out of one of my magazines was that last night I decided that I wanted to start collecting issues of the said magazine, ‘Woman’s Illustrated’, and have now found that it isn’t very easy to get hold of, even on Ebay! The horror! It actually kept me awake last night as I mentally cursed myself for not being patient enough to photocopy the adverts from the magazine rather than bulldoze in with a pair of scissors. Aghhh.

I’m watching a couple of ‘Woman’s Illustrated’ on Ebay at the moment but if anybody else comes across any when charity shopping and carbooting and decide they’d like to sell them, please think of me. I’m also collecting ‘Mother Magazine’, but managed to not start chopping these to pieces. I am however kept awake by the fact that when in a shop in Brick Lane a few months ago, I decided to ignore the urge to buy a whole stack of them (at £1 each!) and only picked up two. Aghhh. I’m going to blame my Asperger’s for my tendency to obsess over mistakes and missed opportunities, although I’m sure it’s something every vintage magpie experiences…that beautiful rare thing that you failed to buy.

My favourite ad from Mother magazine.
This 50s ad fell out of a stack of men's magazine I picked up a a carboot a few weeks ago. I love it, especially the colours.