A trip to Brighton..

Hello little wonders,
I went on a little trip to Brighton with Nikki on the weekend to visit the lanes and purchase some beautiful pieces for my bedroom and it was a huge success.
Yes- I'm in that dress again, a little unfortunate that this is the post right after initially blogging about it but if you love something so much and it's clean- why not wear it twice in one week?

I love the little shops in Brighton- especially Snoopers Paradise. Have you been?

"I love shopping, tanning and celebrity gossip. Always have, always will" Summer, The OC.

In Love With Fashion Aubergine Pleated Waist Dress....

Hi Dollies,
I have been an extremely lucky girl and the amazing team over at LOVE gave me the opportunity to choose an item from the LOVE wesbite here
I absolutely adore there pieces and have done for about a year. I purchased a dress in February from Topshop that some have you may remember (the post is here) and have absolutely lived in it since.
I have made a few cheeky purchases both online and in Topshop from there collections since then including a beautiful pair of Champagne Chiffon shorts that are now in the sale here which I also live in and a really pretty one sleeved dress.

I went for the Aubergine Cotton Pleated Waist Dress and well..LOVE it- ;)
I have had my eye on this dress for a while and was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to own it.

It's a super flattering shape and I think the colour is to die for, it's absolutely beautiful and I couldn't be happier.
I really like dresses with little waist belts, I think they help to flatter my body shape quite well.

The gathered section is a little baggy on me, but I forever have this problem. I don't think it looks silly because the rest of the dress fits perfectly well. I'm completely in-between sizes and don't have much of a bust so I often find it difficult to get everything fitting amazingly. In my last LOVE post I wasn't sure on the sizing but I can now confirm that a M/L fits a 10-12 which I am, and a S/M fits an 8-10.

This has very quickly become my absolute favourite dress in my wardrobe.
I decided to wear it out for a meal with my boyfriend teamed up with a leather jacket to casual it down slightly and received so many compliments.

This dress is available to buy online here for £36 which I think is a super reasonable price for a dress.
Do you own any LOVE dresses or whats your favourite on the site?


ps. If your anything like me and a sucker for amazing packaging, when the postman brings you your delights- they arrive packaged in the sweetest paper tied in a perfect bow! love love love

Giveaway Time!

Hi, all...hope your week has been fabulous!

Meadow is hosting a giveaway over at Michaela Noelle Designs blog. Head on over to check it out and enter!

We're giving away this lovely little turquoise make up pouch:

Happy weekend :)

My New Bedroom

Hello dolls,
Four days on my room is complete- well pretty much. I'm still waiting for final touches, a bed and a pair of curtains but other than that it's all cosy!
Thank you all so much for your recommendations in the previous post- I managed to get lots of sweet little things for my room and I will share them with you as soon as they arrive.
Sorry these are night time photos- I have literally just finished it and wanted to share it with you all..

Without further ado.....

[Paint- B&Q colours Matt Picket Fence, White Spray- Plasti-Kote Matt White, Fairy Lights- old christmas lights, Duvet- Ikea, Wire Frame- old but repainted- from a little gift shop- available on eBay, Mannequin- old from Next, Mirror- old from Matalan, Canvas- Tea towel from Wilkinsons]

I decorated on an absolute budget, I didn't want to spend a fortune so I did a lot of little arty crafty DIY projects, restoring old things with a spray of paint which made it lot's more fun.

I hope your all fabulous xxx

Project : decorating my bedroom...

Hello my dolls,
Yesterday my mum and I were a little bored, so we decided to change my room a little bit- and by change my room I mean why not rip the wallpaper down and start over?
I had the previous look (Black and White Damask) for just under two years and I think it's important to change things up a little.
I have wanted my room to be a little lighter for a while now too, I have found myself feeling a little grumpy in my room and put it down to the colour scheme I had, so I've gone for something a lot more clean and fresh looking.
I'm going for Shabby Chic, I love all shabby chic bits and pieces and would love to incorporate them in my bedrooms new look.
I would love if you could share any websites or blogs I could go to get such things and also for a little bit of inspiration..

I hope your all well. I'm covered in paint!

A little update on my locks...

Hey ladies,
I've spent tonight sprucing up my blog a little bit. I like to change things every now and again, I get fed up of seeing the same thing and I'm pretty sure you probably do too.

There was a couple of photos on my phone from my boyfriends graduation last week that I've just looked at and I'm so shocked by them- the length and colour of my hair seems to have drastically changed over the past week or so and I think I like it. I felt I just had to share this with you.
These probably aren't the best photos to show- I do look slightly as if I have been dragged through a hedge but never mind..
I would love to put the colour change down to the sun, but lets face it there hasn't been any so I'm putting it down to John Freidas Go Blonder spray, I haven't used it in a while as I have been in Manchester and I took minimal products but I think it kind of lurks around in your locks for a while as it doesn't seem to stop working- slightly worrying.
I only tend to use this on the ends of my hair, but I think where I then comb my hair through whilst blowdrying it- it seems to spread a little all over the place!
In terms of the length, I am due a serious hair cut, but I think I'm going to put it off for a couple more weeks until I completely decide what I want to do with it.

Cue the eye closed shot..

I hope your all fabulous xxx

A super annoying post...

I have something super super super super super exciting coming up!
But it's a surprise..eeeeeeeek!!

Coming soon ;)


Ps. Sorry to be so annoying.

A few new purchases..

tThis past week I've treated myself to a few new things.
My boyfriend has said I'm going through a little red, grey, baggy vest and shorts phase..and he's not wrong.
I'm especially loving shorts even though this UK weather is poor- but I'm justifying it to myself by the fact that I can wear them in Thailand.

By the way, I had a fabulous birthday- thank you all so much for your wonderful birthday messages, they really made my day.
I got really spoilt by my family and my boyfriend as per usual- I'm a very lucky girl. As well as huge fabness, my boyfriend got me a new compact Lumix, as I wanted a handbag camera and one that films in HD..(Contemplating videos!) but I'm not sure I'm going to reach for it overly often as I have a huge camera collection already and still only reach for my G1..What do you think? I'm not being ungrateful, he completely understands. I just don't want to waste his money. I'm SO indecisive and need your help.
Anyway..back to the haul..

River Island Light Brown Chelsea Boots- £40
Available here
I really love these and although there fake leather I think there a reasonable price. They look good and I really like the heel.
Topshop MOTO Purple Cut Off Hotpants- £26
Available here
Darker than purple purple, I'm not too sure. But with a tan and a vest on a beach I think I will love them.

Topshop MOTO Berry Hotpants- £26
Available here
I've wanted these forever, but no Topshop had them until I got to Manchester.
I found a Levis Urban Renewal pair in Urban Outfitters that were really similar, finally found my size- Levis are a pain, got the till and they had a stupid rip which really would have annoyed me so I had to let them go from life..

Floral Bikini from Next from the Geri collection-about £38 for both pieces.
I don't need to say anything about this. I LOVE it.

Jack Wills Grey Loose Vest- £12 Sale.

All Saints Grey Shorts- £20 from £40 in the sale.
I love these, I originally had these in Khaki, Cream and Light Blue Denim too but I realised that would be a little too silly and opted just for the Grey.

I love all of my new things..especially the sale bargains- have you treated yourself recently?

A quick little outfit

I've been back up in Manchester for a few days for both my boyfriends graduation and my birthday. We ate out in Gaucho's which is amazing and I shopped lots.. Heres a couple of the things that I purchased and wore back to London today..
Topshop Tee- £18
Jack Wills Skinnys- £69 reduced down to £39. I never wear jeans, but oh wow- these are just the right fit and so incredibly comfortable. I love them!

I purchased quite a few bits and pieces but I'm going to include them all in an up and coming haul..

It's my birthday!

Jewel Tones & Beachy Decor

Happy Tuesday! Hope you're all having a lovely week!
I'm excited to share our new arrivals with you.

Our front table is all new and all jewel toned up!
 Candle holders, vases, note cards...

We also have some fun beachy decor: 

Pillows, soaps, Beach signs, plates, & trays... 

One of my personal favorite new items we have is this adorable light weight scarf!

Need a maxi dress? This royal blue one is comfy and chic: 

Brightly colored striped dress:

Casual knit dress:

Adorable heart necklace: 

Tell us which look is your fave!
Have a great week :)

Lauren's Way Bronzing Mousse Results

Last night I applied Lauren's Way Bronzing Mousse and couldn't wait to share my results with you. 
Oh my god, I love it!

I completely exfoliated my poor skin yesterday morning and was left an almost invisible/blue/pale shade and so I was desperate to get some colour.
Wow, wow, wow!
When I first applied it, the colour guide didn't come out very dark at all, it applied well but I was a little like "omg it's not going to work"..It obviously did because I wouldn't be so thrilled right now.
Within about an hour I was developing into such a fabulous glowing colour. 
When applying, I didn't stick to my own rule and I panicked and put on maybe a bit too much but nevermind!
The product dried onto my skin really so quickly and I didn't experience one moment of stickiness which with a fake tan is a huge factor. 

The photos in the previous post are from the same day and so the tan featured is also Lauren's Way Bronzing Mousse.

This is such a fantastic fake tan as well as an instant tan and I am currently converted!
I will be reaching for this over my any of my other tans for now..

You can see my full post on Lauren's Way here.


Braving a Red lip

I decided when I woke up today that I would be a little more adventurous with my make up- I get really bored with wearing the same make up every day- as I'm sure you do too.
I opted for a a lip colour change, a red lip..

(Major flashback fail)

I used my MUA Red lippy- Shade 13 from Superdrug- it was only £1, what a steal!

I'm not so sure about this at all- but I'll live with it for today.
I would love to know what you think?