What I'm wearing..

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer- Medium
Make Up Forever HD Powder
Nars Laguna
MAC Melba
MAC Creme d'nude on top of Topshop Coy
HD Brow Palette- Rich Brown
New CID Cosmetics i-flutter- Black*
Naked Palette- Naked and Buck

I thought I would share my make up of the day with you and a couple of little make up updates.
I've finally worked out the perfect amount of Make Up Forever HD Powder to use, without getting serious flashback and I now love it. It really mattes out the areas that are playing up a little bit. Fingers crossed this means goodbye to to any more photo disasters!
I also have found another Coy combination, and thats paired with Creme d'nude. I really love MAC's Creme d'nude but find myself hardly ever reaching for it because its just a melting nuisance. I have decided that I may well de-tube it into a little pot, and use it like that instead. I really like the colour I have achieved from it, so think that will work out well. It will also mean that I will be ready for another 'Back to MAC'- eek!

Today I went for lunch at Meat Liquor with my boyfriend, and managed to drag him around a few shops afterwards.
I had to justify dragging him around, so picked up a few bits and pieces. I'm especially excited that I finally managed to get Chanel Soliel Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel. I haven't tried it yet, as in true blogger style I have to take photos of it first, but from the packaging alone I know that I love it already. 
I know some people have found the use of it a little tricky at first, so if you have any tips for application I would be super grateful!

I hope you're all really well


MAC Melba

You know when you don't give second thought to a product that everyone raves about, and then one day you do, and then you kick yourself for not getting it sooner? That.

Melba is one of them products that I have heard so many great things about, but for an unknown reason I have never actually purchased. I am so happy that this is finally in my collection, as it is the most beautiful blush and I have worn it every day since treating myself to it.

I actually purchased this without a single swatch, which is quite strange for me as I usually like to give a product a bit of thought. On a first glimpse, it doesn't look anything particularly special, but I decided to trust the opinions of some of my favourite bloggers and just go for it.
In the pan, Melba is a muted Peach shade with a slight Pink tone to it and doesn't really look anything too special. It looks pleasant, but doesn't look half as amazing as it does on. 
Once on the skin, Melba is the most beautiful Peach Coral shade. It's super pigmented, and although I've gone quite heavy with it in the pictures above, even with minimal product used for a more natural look, it's the perfect product for finishing and brightening you up. 

One thing that makes me even more in love with this product is that it is a matte finish. Although I have recently been wearing coral blushes with a slight sheen or shimmer, matte finishes always win my heart and this is just beautiful.
With being a powder blush, Melba feels so soft on the skin and applied with my Real Techniques Blush brush, the application is perfect.

I think this is a really complimentary product and has fast become one of my make up bag essentials.

Have you tried Melba? What's your go to blush?


Topshop Lip Stick- Powder Room

Left swatch- Pretty Baby, Right swatch- Powder Room
I picked this lipstick up a couple of weeks ago when I was in Topshop with the fabulous Corrie.
Going through all of the lovely lines, I picked this up to swatch it and immediately fell for it.
It looked to be the perfect Pink shade, and with being such a fan of this same product in the shade Coy, I just had to treat myself.

On getting home, and trying this out I must admit I was slightly disappointed. The lighting in Topshop must have fooled me a little, because this wasn't the shade that I remembered falling for.
I didn't think it was as bright as it actually is, and while I am a huge fan of Pink lipsticks, this isn't the shade I find myself to be reaching for much anymore.
With both the brightness and shade, it really reminds me of the Pretty Baby lipstick from the Make Up Store, which although it melts more than any other product I have ever used, I do really like. The only difference that fails me with this comparison, is the formula. I do normally go for mattes over any formula, but theres no hiding that the matte Topshop Lip Sticks are extremely drying.

I wear Coy with a lip balm and it's absolutely perfect, but I find that Powder Room is a little more drying and though yes, I could just top it off with a balm too, I find that this settles into the natural lines of my lip and just makes them stand out even more and isn't super pleasant to the eye.

I often just dab Coy onto my lips, and I'm left with a beautiful colour but I don't think that this colour applied lightly is anything too special, and though applied heavily is a lovely shade, is a bit too bright and a bit too much hard work for me for day-to-day wear.
I really wish it was the in-between shade that I thought I had purchased. 

Although I'm sure I will find a mix with this product and will probably reach for it more than I now anticipate, it's not my favourite Pink right now. Though if you are a fan of a brighter Pink, like I have been up until the past few months then this lip stick is more than likely, most definitely for you.

It's available in Topshop and costs just £7 which I think is pretty reasonable.

Have you tried any of the Topshop Lip Sticks? Which one is your fave?


Xen Tan Dark Mist Intense

 I mentioned in a previous post that Feel Unique were so kind as to send me a little box of treats and fortunately for me, this was one of the products.

Xen Tan is my favourite fake tan brand ever and I am constantly recommending and raving about it.
It's one of the more expensive brands, but for the past couple of years I have purchased my Xen Tan Dark Lotion from Feel Unique, as it's a lot cheaper on there than anywhere else. Funnily enough though, always going straight to repurchase that, I never have even given this product a thought.
To be honest, I never even knew that this product existed- which is weird, because I know my fake tans. Well, at least I thought I did!

This is the Xen Tan Dark Mist Intense weekly self tan, which like all of the Xen Tan products I have used, falls in to the dark range.
Unlike the others that I have tried; Xen Tan Dark Lotion and Xen Tan Absolute Luxe, this is in a spray formula, which I must admit is probably my least favourite when it comes to fake tan formulas.
I would say that this product falls between the two, with the colour and lasting power of the Dark Lotion (my fave) and the Vanilla scent of Absolute Luxe, but is most similar to the Dark Lotion.

The colour I achieve from using this is the same Olive colour that I get from using the Xen Tan Dark Lotion, although that's maybe after a couple of uses rather than after the initial application. This does too, have an immediate colour/colour guide, but it isn't as visible. I'm not really sure how I feel about that. I like to see dark full tan immediately.
It's a very light pump spray, and although I imagined that this would be quicker to apply, I actually find it takes a little longer, as I find myself spraying my body and then applying the mitt to rub in and so forth, whereas with the lotions I can apply the to the mitt and go from there. I don't like to spray the mitt, as I feel it could soak it up and you could potentailly lose so much product that way. 
I have become a slight pro in the art of tanning, and have nailed my tanning routine to just a couple of minutes- amazing right? But with this I do find it a lot more lengthy, so would probably recommend this as more of a top up tan for in-between? 

It rubs in really easily, and dries super quickly. Quicker than the lotion does, and although I don't have any issues with Xen Tan lotions, it doesn't feel sticky in the slightest so is absolutely perfect for a top up and go.

Something I love about Xen Tan products, is that they are also designed to wear on your face. A lot of self tanning products don't recommend it, but Xen Tan is for the face and body. I do find that they don't take amazingly to my face like they do my body, but they work enough to give me a healthier glow.

I find this mist not to be as even as the other products, but I think thats just a case of me being so used to them and finding a spray harder to work with. I have had the unfortunate streak or two, which I must admit, is a little strange for me. But again, if you was to use this as an in-between or a top up, I doubt there would be much of a problem.

I do like this product a lot, but I will continue to stick to my favourite product in the range which is the Xen Tan Dark Lotion. I prefer the Marzipan sweet smell to the richer Vanilla scent of this, which I have mentioned in previous Xen Tan raves and the consistency of the product. 
My previous Xen tan product and service reviews are here (Dark Tan Absolute Luxe), here (Dark Lotion- more recent), here (Dark Lotion) and here (Xen Tan Spray Tan)- did someone say fan girl?

This product is available on Feel Unique here for £17.50 with free delivery (which I must add is always very quick for me).

For more information on all of the products, visit the Xen Tan Website.
Have you tried this or any of the other Xen Tan products? What are your opinions?