I assume you all watched the Royal Wedding?! Wasn't it stunning? Here at Meadow we had a table set up in honor of the wedding :)

Mother's Day is also coming up next weekend! Here are some sweet cards you give to your mom:

I'm loving these new mugs.  Perfect for a cup of coffee or tea!

Isn't this sewing kit the cutest thing you've ever seen? The size is perfect for stowing it away:

Turquoise and yellow pouch
Our New Arrivals are making me smile this week:

All these cute dresses are getting me so excited for summer! What about you?


The Royal Wedding

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29/04/2011 11:00am

I woke up at 8am to watch the wedding, and I am so glad that I did. It was so fabulous.

Kates dress was absolutely beautiful. When it was released that she was wearing Alexander McQueen, I think the whole world was excited. I think its such a wonderful choice. She looked so elegant and held herself with such poise.

Rumours are that Kate did her own make up, I'm not sure if this is true but if it is, she did a wonderful job. She looks absolutely breathtaking.

Everybody really looked wonderful, especially Kates sister Pippa Middleton. Shes so stunning!

When Kate reached Prince William at the alter, he apparently said "you look lovely, you look beautiful.." ahhhhh, expected on your wedding day but how romantic and lovely!

I'm so excited and loved up by this day and cannot wait to see more photos and the famous Balcony scene- I wonder if they have sneaked a little kiss in private yet!

I hope your all enjoying.
Photos from Google Images and weheartit.

Thank You!

Jenna over at a la mode mentioned Meadow in her post on cute boutiques. We're honored :) Thanks, Jenna!

And thank you to everyone who follows along with our boutique.  It's such a joy to hear positive feedback.  On behalf of the staff at Meadow, we're wishing you all a wonderful day.  Do something you love!


My weekend in Gambia..

Hi my loves,

I've just got back from Banjul in Gambia with work so I'm just checking in to apologise for being a little bit quiet on the blogging front. I thought I'd share a few little photos with you from my trip.

It was absolutely beautiful. The sweetest little monkeys and peacocks everywhere, perfect 40 degrees heat and the kindest people ever.

I hope your all fab.


Stratford Upon Avon Decorative Fair

I hope everybody's had a lovely Easter! I had a lovely day on Saturday at the Decorative Fair in Stratford Upon Avon and met lots of lovely sellers. Stratford was full of tourists enjoying the sunshine and it was a good job I took a decent amount of extra stock to top up my stall. The vintage sunglasses I took along sold particularly well with the nice weather and I'm spending today making more vintage annual/map envelopes as I sold lots of those too.

The Town Hall venue was beautiful and Lucy did a fantastic job of hosting the fair.

My spare room is now looking a bit tidier after me spending most of yesterday re-organising my 'stock' shelves. I'll soon be sorting my mum's loft to see what things we've squirrelled away over the years and I'm trying to avoid charity shops and car boot sales until I've been through the loft as there's a ridiculous amount of things in there for me to put on my stalls. I'm also desperate to hunt out a large railway station perpetual calendar that I know my mum has up there somewhere. Stephen and Judy of All Things Vintage & Beautiful had a desk sized one of their stall at the fair and it reminded me how beautiful and useful they are.

Right I'm off to make some envelopes and catch up with some blogs. On that note I'm sorry if I haven't got around to reading everyones blogs yet. I love reading them but with the amount of lovely blogs  I follow and the time consuming word verification things on lots of blogs there is just not enough hours in the day. Does anyone else struggle to keep up with their favourite blogs or is it just me?  xxx
Happy Easter!  We hope everyone is having a lovely weekend with their loved ones!

Here's what's new at Meadow this week:

Springy new window box


Printed boxes

Cupcake Kit!

Pear Soap

Beautiful papers and posters

Here are our New Arrivals:
Adorable blue printed dress with pockets!

Sweet gray and purple dress tied with a purple satin ribbon

Fun tribal print shirt
Have a wonderful week! Happy Easter :)



The sun is shining, I've got a yummy M&S salmon and potato salalad to eat, my Vintage & Handmade Fair flyers are back from the printers, and I'm in Stratford for the Decorative Fair tomorrow; there's also going to be a St George's Day parade! What's not to be happy about x

I'm so excited about these that my neighbours will be receiving them 2 months early :)

The shorts are out in London..

You know your at the beginnings of Summer when the Denim shorts come out.

I went shopping in London yesterday and it was super super hot, so decided to wear my comfy boots, denim shorts and a baggy tee.

These pictures are rather tragic, my hair is a state, I'm either mid-laughing or looking depressed, but hey ho- I wanted to share my outfit!

Personally, I don't think that my tan looks too horrific, but whilst in the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street a silly horrible girl decided to make some really nasty comments about me and my tan, causing me to get a little bit defensive and upset haha.

I picked up a really fabulous fringed top in Selfridges but I'm going to include it in a collective haul very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

I hope your all fantastic xx

Flowers Galore!

Happy middle of the week to you, friends!  Let's dive right in, shall we?

One of my personal favorite things to accessorize with are hair bows, headbands and flowers.  Meadow has all of that for you right here!

Floral printed headbands

Flowers to clip on the headband or directly in your hair

We also just got in some new cloth pouches.  They have the cutest patterns!

New Arrivals this week:
Blue patterned dress or shirt :)
Florally spring printed top
My favorite new dress...a little flowery print with just the right amount of ruffles! 
Don'tcha just love them?  Stop by soon!